“Government Authorised Lift Inspector as per the Gujarat Lifts and Escalators Rule 2001, from Energy and Petrochemical Dept, Govt. of Gujarat.”

Because of increasing demands on staff time and in order to conduct business more efficiently we have established the following basic guidelines for annual inspections. We believe that this will be beneficial both to ski areas and to the tramway program.


The following items are to be completed prior to commencing an annual inspection. The inspector may suspend an inspection until such time that the lift is properly prepared.

We believe that these guidelines will result in more efficient and timely inspections.


  1. All line work must be performed and documented per manufacturer’s service manual. This includes grip and hanger service, minimum of 10% NDT inspection of all grips and hangers, cable inspection, and line service (i.e. sheave liners, bearings, and alignment).
  2. All electrical safety switches shall be tested prior to the inspection to verify their proper operation.
  3. All load and unload ramps shall be properly maintained. All broken and/or missing boards shall be replaced. All cracked or broken windows shall be replaced.
  4. All signage shall be present and clearly legible per 1999 ANSI B77
  5. All seats and seat pads must be properly installed and free of defects and properly installed.
  6. All fire extinguishers shall have an annual inspection tag affixed and have the monthly check done.
  7. All lift structures that use fuel for heating shall have a CO detector system installed and tested.
  8. All lift terminals that are not clearly visible from the operator’s station shall have an operational fire alarm system installed and tested. The system must notify the operator in the event of a fire.
  9. All lifts must have a brake torque test log posted in the area of the brakes. The log will have the proper brake test values, date last tested, value found, corrective actions taken and by whom.
  10. All torque testing devices must be calibrated annually and a copy supplied to the inspector.
  11. Furnish the current Lift Evacuation Plan for review.
  12. At the time of the inspection the area shall be prepared to do the following:
    1. Torque test all brakes.
    2. Test the following circuits: motor tach loss, cable tach loss, field loss, overspeed controls and low voltage loss.
  13. At the time of the inspection the inspectors must be furnished copies of the following documents: NDT inspection report, cable inspection report, relocation and slip test documentation as well as a copy of the NDT certifications.