The MCE TM Motor Circuit Evaluation test equipment offers the most versatile approach to troubleshooting and trending de-energized electric motors on the market today. It is equipped with a fully functional laptop computer and loaded with G o o l l d d , the gold standard in motor MCEG management software. G o o l l d d the entire test history of With MCEG your electric motor is at your fingertips and equipped with the latest in acceptance criteria from IEEE and NEMA. Red or Yellow color-coded alarms identify any test data that is outside the acceptance criteria immediately following the test.


The case is made of ultra high impact ABS material for ruggedness. It is easy to carry and no AC power is required, making tough to reach motors or starters.


Data Includes:

• Phase-to-phase Resistance

• Phase-to-phase Inductance
• Balance of Resistance
• Balance of Inductance
• Ground Capacitance
• Polarization Index
• Dielectric Absorption Ratio
• Measured Ground Resistance
• Corrected Ground Resistance
• Rotor Influence Check
• Field Inductance
• Field Resistance
• Field Capacitance
• Field Ground Resistance
• DC Armature Tests
• Synchronous Motor Tests
• Wound Rotor Motor Tests
• More…