An ergonomic, rugged, light weight and practically Unbreakable gun to adopt almost all nozzles with standard BSP Threads.

1) Real blow nozzle RBA-2 & RBS-3 Nozzle

Real blow nozzle is used where narrow and adjustable flow of air is required. It facilitates to have appropriate flow of particular application which helps in minimizing wastage and is less noisy. It gives quick pay back in saving of Compressed Air Energy. It can be applied in automation as well as in hand held usage.


  • Air amplification 12 times
  • Great air and energy saver
  • Machine mountable
  • Meets international safety norms
  • Available in Aluminum and stainless steel

2) Real blow High Thrust Jet HTB-4 Nozzle

With savings in Energy, It gives really high thrust for cleaning or pushing something without compromising with safety, be it noise or flying off chips. High thrust jet is an excellently effective tool for high thrust air blowing.


  • Air amplification 3 times
  • Low noise level
  • High thrust
  • Meets international safety norms
  • Rugged stainless steel construction

3) Real blow Pipe RBP-5 Nozzle

In areas where a real high penetration is required, Real-blow pipe nozzle is highly recommended. It is versatile, an energy saving nozzle efficient in cleaning of deep crevices.


  • Air amplification 12 times
  • Deep penetration
  • Versatile machine mountable or blow gun mountable
  • Meets international safety norms