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Vibration is the physical movement or oscillation of a mechanical part about a reference position. Vibration is basically wasted energy and a major cause of premature component and equipment failures.


Vibration signature of an operating machine provides far more information about the inner workings of the machine than any other type of non-destructive test. For Example, a bearing with a small developing defect will cause a telltale change in the machine vibration.


Vibration analysis is thus a quick and effective way to evaluate a machine’s health. Deterioration in a machine’s condition is quickly recognizable and the frequency spectra can detect the specific type of machine fault such as unbalance, misalignment or bearing damage.


Academy for Conservation of Energy’s Vibration Analysis program for predictive maintenance begins with selecting the machines from which the data is to be collected, to, forming an invaluable database on which to base maintenance decisions. Periodic measurements are taken (monthly or quarterly), data is analyzed and a machine health report is given. Vibration analysis allows early detection of small developing mechanical defects, thus providing the necessary lead-time to schedule maintenance reduces power consumption, spares inventory and unplanned downtime.